how to approve google adsense in 15 days


how to approve google adsense in 15 days; For monetizing any website the first thing that came to our mind is google adsense.

There are some other monetizing platforms are available but Google Adsense remain would be the first preference of the user nowadays.

So, Today I am going to tell you that how can you approve google adsense easily and fast in just 15 days.

Remember Guys I assume that you already make your website on blogger, WordPress, and or any other platform. If you do not make one.

So, I would recommend you to make a website first for approving a Google Adsense.

Now, Guys, I assume that your website is on WordPress. If not on WordPress You can skip theme section.
For approving adsense on WordPress, you need some clean theme for WordPress.

So, let’s take free theme first, If we talk about free themes are a lot of free themes available in the market.

But for easily adsense approval or best clean layout free themes are colormag or hitmag. These are two best free themes that you can use for your website.

These two themes are quite fast, clean layout and you will get fast adsense approve on these themes.

For paid themes, you can use newspaper this is also a good theme for adsense.

So, these are the required themes for your WordPress site.

And let’s talk about “how to approve google adsense in just 15 days” Yes guys you can definitely get google adsense approve in just 15 days.

So, the “how to approve google adsense in just 15 days guide carefully”

So, this is the first day of your how to approve google adsense in just 15 days and according to me, your website is fully ready and also submitted to google search console.

Seriously guys please first submit your site to google search console. And Google takes this as a plus point for approving google adsense.

Now, I am going to tell you things that things that you know or require before applying to google adsense.

Now, first make some social accounts of your website such as facebook page, google plus, twitter or some other that you want to make or from where you want to drive traffic.

Now You have to create two menus one upper menu and one main menu.

Now in the upper menu, these are the important pages that you have to make.

So, these pages are Home, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy.

And now let’s take a look at the second menu that is the main menu in this main menu you have to add some popular categories from your blog.

So, Guys, this is the first day that you have to do these things.

Now let’s go and take a look at what you have to do in remaining days.

So, from the second day, you have to write at least 2 posts per day with over 500 words each.

so, from day 2 to 15 you have written at least 2 posts per day with more than 500 words each.

This is the whole procedure of “how can you approve google adsense in just 15 days”

Now, We are going to take a look at some misconceptions that people have about how to approve google adsense.

The first thing is that some people may think that google adsense is going to approve on your website. When your content is copied from other websites or by spin articles.

So, Guys these type of things is not going to work first You are not getting adsense approving and second is that for approving adsense or earn money you need unique content.

The first thing you need to approve google adsense is that you need unique content. Please, guys, don’t do copy and paste content.

Effect of copy and paste on your website

So, the first thing is that Google Adsense does not approve if your website has copied articles and second thing is that these articles are not going to rank in google.

Thanks for reading our article “how to approve google adsense in 15 days


  1. Thanks buddy. Now i get some idea about getting adsense approval in WordPress. At first i was in delema that how i can get approval but after reading ur post, now i can say anyone can get approval. Thanks one again
    Keep posting

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