Cheapest Smartphone With Android Oreo Go


Cheapest Smartphone With Android Oreo Go;  OREO GO -Dream of google? Now once again google started to capture fifty percent market phones in S.Africa, Latin America, and South East Asia.

In past google also developed an android for this purpose. But it is felt to holding that segment once again try to hold that segment.

android-oreo-go-edition-techaverage micromax cheapest smartphone with android oreo go
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According to Google, only one-half population of the world remains on online platform others remaining not a fort the high prices of phones google try to give the online devices in hands of that segment. Google oreo Go android edition launch in January 2018. Google also collaborate with Taiwanese company Media Tek which makes chipset. Google shows that trying with optimistic approaches. Google targeted that segment which not payable but come to online working. Show this android working on entry table segment because of low prices about 31 dollars this android is working successfully then the new battle will start in any label segment. in India google partnership with Micromax soon launch the on with Oreo Go edition in low budget phones.


android-oreo-go-edition-techaverage 2
credits: FoneArena

Android go is the latest version of Android one with new features. This android Oreo Go well perform at low memory i.e 1Gb and 512mb. In India, this operating system for the budget on is very good because of working online initially for entry-level users. Soon, till 26 January 2018 Micromax launched its low budget phone which operates on Oreo Go operating system just awaited to me and like my others also.

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