World’s first robot citizen came to IIT Bombay


World’s first robot citizen came to IIT Bombay; Sophia is a robot which looks same as human and his behavior is same as a human.
Sofia is a robot which works on artificial intelligence and she is very intelligent as compared and other robots in the world this makes that how far we came in the field of artificial intelligence. Find more related stuff on GeekyGoom.
In India, She made its first appearance in IIT Bombay on Saturday When IIT Bombay cultural extravaganza TechFest is going on.

Sophia a artificial intelligence robot came at IIT Bombay on saturday
This very intelligent robot had a 15-minute conservation with a student in IIB Bombay of more than three thousand on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to the issues the world is now facing.
But, after giving answers to some questions Sophia went silent. This happens due to some technical error in her body. But, It again started functioning very well after some time.
Sophia an artificial intelligence is known for her humans like appearance and behavior, Sophia was activated in 2015 and developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics. Using the art of artificial intelligence, She can understand human gestures and facial expressions, and she is able to make conservation one some predefined topics. She can also emit human gestures and facial expressions.
This Artificial Intelligent robot gain citizenship of Saudi Arabia In October of 2017.
The presence of Sophia in IIT Bombay had created much fuzz among the students and technology enthusiasts in IIT Bombay convocation hall.
This Artificial Intelligence robot Sophia modeled on the Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn and this event began after a delay of 45 minutes.
when Someone Ask Sophia about its India trip then she replied, “I have always wanted to visit India. I heard so much about this vibrant land of tradition and culture. Indians have made contributions towards Silicon Valley. I am always very excited about India’s investment in space technology.”
But, after five minutes of conservation, Sophia fell silent and stop responding to the questions asked by someone another to Sophia.
Becuase, She was very disappointed by the audience. And again this is happening due to a technical issue or an internet issue. This was fixed after some time and Sophia work properly after fixing the glitch.
Sophia gave detailed answers to a very different type of questions asked by many students from the audience in IIT Bombay.

Sophia a artificial intelligence robot came at IIT Bombay
Describing herself in a strange way Sophia said in her mechanical voice, “I have been created on a human scale so that I can adapt to human society. A humanoid robot can use the same tools, same spaces and interact with people the same way humans do. Not every robot needs to be like this. But you should definitely make sure that you have good human values at heart when you design an artificial intelligence device.”
After this, very much discussion revolved around the comparison between robots and humans, and the advancement in artificial intelligence, his threat is posed to the human race.
Sophia sought to make less severe the concerns of a robotic takeover of the world by saying, “Robots should be helping humans. Artificial Intelligence may be the key to a peaceful civilization.”
When a question asked by a student if it will marry her, Sophia said, “I will have to decline, but thanks for the compliment.”

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